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Apartment Rentals Greenville NC Beat Campus Living

There are plenty of apartment rentals Greenville NC that can meet your needs without breaking the bank. Your first year of college is full of new experiences, the dorm rooms being one of them. Living in such close quarters with another person can be stressful and irritating. If you want your own space and bedroom, moving off campus might be the best decision for you. The options for college student living Greenville NC is unprecedented and allows you to have your own space without compromising the distance you are to campus. The following are things you might want to consider when looking for student living Greenville NC:

  • Bedrooms – though you may be looking to branch out and have your own space, apartments allow you to still share a common space with roommates while giving you your own bedroom. Consider finding roommates or asking your friends if they want to find an apartment with you. This can also lower the cost of rent for both of you!
  • Amenities – There are great options of apartments with amenities Greenville NC! The Distract at Tar River offers the use of a pool, a 24/7 fitness center, volleyball courts, and more.
  • Neighborhood – As mentioned above, there are many options for student living in Greenville NC but few with the ability to say they provide housing near ECU Greenville NC.

College can be stressful; your living situation should not have to be! Come see the Distract at Tar River for yourself and find your new happy place in apartment rentals Greenville NC.