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College Student Living and Holiday Decorations

The holidays are just around the corner and when you are living the college student living experience, it can be hard to decorate. Decorating for Christmas should not be expensive […]

Making Your Student Living Apartment Vacation Ready

Christmas break is quickly approaching and for many college students that means an extended vacation home! Even if you are only planning to be gone a week or so, there […]

Student Living: A Cost Breakdown

Off-Campus Living Vs. On-Campus Living Often times, people shy away from the idea of living off-campus because they fear it will be too expensive when in reality on-campus living can […]

Tips and Tricks to Off Campus Student Living

The Basics of College Student Living According to The College Board, 60% of full time students at public universities live off campus. Making the transition from on campus living to […]

Apartment Rentals Greenville NC Beat Campus Living

There are plenty of apartment rentals Greenville NC that can meet your needs without breaking the bank. Your first year of college is full of new experiences, the dorm rooms […]