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Making Your Student Living Apartment Vacation Ready

Christmas break is quickly approaching and for many college students that means an extended vacation home! Even if you are only planning to be gone a week or so, there are some things you may want to do before leave. These simple tasks will make sure you are coming home to stress-free and clean student living apartment.


Vacation-proofing your Student Living Apartment

  • Do the dishes

Doing the dishes ensures there isn’t any stagnant water or food laying in your sink while you are gone. Washing and putting away any dishes makes it impossible for any unwanted mold to grow and means you come home to a CLEAN apartment!

Student living dirty dishes

Avoid a mess like this by doing your dishes before leaving!

  • Take out the garbage

Similar to sitting dishes, you do not want to leave any garbage in your trash can for an extended period of time. By taking out the garbage before you leave, you eliminate the possibility of unwanted smells and growth while you are gone.

  • Do your laundry

As easy as it may seem to leave clean or dirty laundry unattended for when you get back, it will be much nicer to come home to laundry that has been cleaned, folded, and put away. This makes it easy to throw your dirty laundry from the trip in the wash upon return without worrying about the piles you already have backed up.

  • Clean out your refrigerator and cabinets!

Just like you do not want food sitting in your sink, you do not want to leave perishable food sitting in your cabinets or refrigerator while you are gone. Perishable foods will not be a fun cleanup upon your return if you do not make sure to throw them away before you leave!

  • Clean and change your sheets

Traveling can be tiresome and coming home to your own nice clean bed can be quite the relief.

  • Turn the thermostat down

Winter months can cause an exponential rise in utility bills. When you are leaving for an extended amount of time there is no reason to heat your apartment to a comfortable temperature. Lowering the temperature down can help you save money.

  • Unplug appliances

Leaving appliances plugged in for long amounts of time can be a fire hazard especially when they begin to wear down. Check out CBS News’ article on when appliances become a fire hazard. To avoid these risks, simply unplug everyday appliances like coffee makers, toasters, TVs, etc before leaving to decrease the risk of fires while you are gone!
There you have it, a few tips to get your student living apartment holiday vacation ready! If you have any questions about the safety of your student apartments during your vacation do not hesitate to contact our leasing office!