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Tips and Tricks to Off Campus Student Living

The Basics of College Student Living

According to The College Board, 60% of full time students at public universities live off campus. Making the transition from on campus living to off campus living can be stressful, but we are here to help. If you are moving into your first student living Greenville NC apartment, see our list below of tips that you may come in handy when moving into your very first apartment.

1.Create a budget. The first step in creating a budget is being realistic in what you think you can actually stick too! Making a budget that is outrageously out of the ordinary of what you spend will just force you to go over budget and then be mad at yourself.

budget college student living

2. Plan for your grocery shopping. Mom, dad, grandma, or grandma may have been the one to do the grocery shopping at home but MAKE A LIST! Your first trip grocery shopping by yourself canbe exciting and full of chaos if you do not know what you are getting. Lists will help the process go smoothly and also keep you from buying unnecessary items that make you go over budget.

grocery store college student living

3. Establish roommate ground rules. Even if you and your new roomie are the best of friends, coming up with a few apartment ground rules can be great down the road and could prevent a fight or two!

roommates college student living

4. Clean often! Cleaning your apartment on a regular basis is a lot easier than letting everything build up or waiting until the night before that first visit from mom and dad, believe us!

cleaning college student living

5. Respect your neighbors. Remember that walls are not sound proof. Be courteous to your neighbors with noise and activity during the later hours of the night, you never know when you might need a favor!

neighbor college student living

These are just a few tips and tricks to a fun and enjoyable student living Greenville NC experience. Contact us today to find out more about our availability of apartment rentals Greenville NC!